Rob Reunites with Little Ashes' Costar, Marina Gatell in Barcelona

Updated! *Google Translate* "The girl who took the picture says it was very emotional, that Rob did not recognized her at the beginning but once they did were merged into a hug as we were both very excited:)"
RpattzSpain shares "I'm the girl who took the pic, and I can assure you Rob recognized her, he gave her a big hug and his phone number. Marina had tears at her eyes! It was really sweet."


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Marina Gatell played 'Magdalena' in the Salvador Dali biopic, 'Little Ashes'. Rob played Dali.
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Translated via Google translate
"Rob in Little Ashes last scene just full of paint, and that scene shot in a warehouse where there was no bathroom. And of course the end of filming Rob was full of paint, and not like today that Rob has all the facilities and had to leave his hotel full of paint. So of course the poor man could take a taxi because no one wanted to be stained whole car, and had to walk far to get to your hotel and the people he looked down the street. So Marina got along very well with offered her house which was close so he could go to shower there and to remove the paint. This anecdote was told to Rob sometimes a very good memory of her companion."

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Awww, this is just so sweet.