Andrew Garfield Talks About Rob: "We're very supportive of each other."

Hollywood's new Spider-Man Andrew Garfield is adamant he will never fall out with Robert Pattinson over a role - because the two actors are genuinely good friends.

The two British stars were both in the running to step into Tobey Maguire's superhero suit for the upcoming movie, but it was The Social Network star Garfield who eventually won the coveted part.

But Garfield insists there is no animosity between himself and Pattinson over the decision - and he has vowed to support his pal's career.

He tells Britain's ShortList magazine, "I don't see it that way (as a competition). Rob's a friend of mine and I care about him a lot. We're very supportive of each other."

MSNWonderwall via

I really like Andrew, Spidey 2.0 as I call him. All of Rob's friends are good guys. Nice. 
Btw, I do not think the interview is fake. The writer just didn't do much research on his piece thinking Rob was seriously running for Spidey. Rob's management denied this last year.  And Andrew answering to the 'competition' question was just about the  fair game that they are both British, same age and are both actors - and not for Maguire's vacated spot.