Rob Tests Marquee Value In Remember Me

A fellow-Hollywood scribe has seen Summit’s Rob Pattinson romance Remember Me and says it’s strong. (I’m seeing it soon but can’t write about it yet). The “family” trailer is much better than the last one.

How the movie opens March 12 will be a true test of Pattinson’s marquee power outside the Twilight franchise. Will women flock to see him playing a regular guy who isn’t Edward Cullen? The fact that it’s a sincere romance with father/son conflict (and not a formula romantic comedy) should work in its favor, along with a solid ensemble including Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper. I don’t have a handle on director Allen Coulter, who fumbled Hollywoodland but boasts strong TV credits (Damages, Rome, Nurse Jackie, The Sopranos, Sex and the City). While I have always been on Team Pattinson, so far his extra-curricular work has been in the less than inspiring European art films Little Ashes and How to Be.

Meanwhile Summit has confirmed that Breaking Dawn, which Melissa Rosenberg is again writing, will be shot in two parts, back-to-back. The controversial final installment of the Twilight saga resolves the issue of Bella going over to the vampire side. No director has been named. David Slade’s Eclipse is wrapped, set to open in June.

ThompsononHollywood Thanks to JittzPattzing for the heads up!
At last, a teaser article I can relate to. I share his thoughts on the movie 101%. Now, why can't we see that more in the promo that they are doing for Remember Me? Keywords, "family drama", "father-son" conflict, sincere tender romance. I think that might have been asking too much. Downplay what the movie really is and focus on selling hot-shower/wallf***sex! *headdesk*. Or maybe it is hot-shower/wallf***sex after all. Good God! Allen Coulter scares me. The Memoirs I know was very well written by Will Fetters. Ok, who among you can't wait for March 12?
UPDATED! Remember Me NY Premiere, Paris Theater - March 1.
source via PattinsonLife