More On Kristen's Latest Fan Encounter

Here is film student and fan, Gui Pereira's account about meeting Kristen

"First, he said... "wow, I'm a celebrity on Twitter now" and laughed.

Then he tweeted about being tense because people was posting his pic on their twitpic accounts. He also JOKED about having a long term friendship with KStew…

But here’s the main deal:

He saw her this Tuesday. The pic was taken at a small restaurant complex on Rodeo Drive, LA. He was going there for lunch and was talking on the cell phone. When he passed by her, she smiled (odd, I know!). The place was almost empty and she was alone.

So he approached and asked if she really was Kristen Stewart. He told her he is Brazilian, also that he studies Cinema and they talked about some indie movies they liked in common. He said to her: "I'm not a girl, but I like Twilight anyway".

He also said she's short, thin and really beautiful. "My type of girl", he joked. He clears up: "I didn't ask about him [Robert Pattinson], sorry".

They had a camera there, so he surmised she was going to shoot a commercial or something. "If you approach kindly and be nice, she'll probably have a great chat with you", he said.

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